Puff Tray 18mm Whispering White


Puff Tray


Whispering White



Puff Tray


Whispering White

The Puff Tray is a revolutionary smoking accessory designed to enhance your smoking experience with its versatile and practical features. Whether you prefer bongs, pipes, or other smoking devices, the Puff Tray is here to elevate your session to new heights. With its thoughtfully crafted design, this all-in-one tray provides the perfect platform for your smoking essentials.

Bowl Stand for Bong Bowl:
Say goodbye to the inconvenience of balancing your bong bowl on uncertain surfaces. The Puff Tray features a specially designed bowl stand that securely holds your bong bowl in place, allowing you to load and pack your herbs with ease. No more accidental spills or mishaps—enjoy a stable and worry-free experience every time.

Lighter Pocket:
Never lose track of your lighter again! The Puff Tray comes equipped with a dedicated lighter pocket, ensuring your flame source is always within reach. No more fumbling around or searching through pockets. Simply place your lighter in the pocket, and it will be ready for action whenever you need it.

Poker and Kick Tray:
The Puff Tray understands the importance of maintaining a clean and organized smoking area. That’s why it includes a built-in poker and kick tray. The poker can be used to stir and clear your bowl, ensuring optimal airflow and maximizing your smoking pleasure. The kick tray provides a designated space to safely tap and empty your pipe or bong bowl, preventing mess and residue buildup.


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